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The well-known messaging service Telegram has experienced rapid growth in recent years. It’s obvious that Telegram will grow even more in popularity as a platform for companies and other organisations wishing to communicate with their audience and clients in 2023. Telegram is evolving into a preferred platform for marketing and engagement given its emphasis on security, anonymity, and the capacity to interact with big groups of people. But we know how to benefit from Telegram even more –!!

Telegrams growth throughout 2022

Telegram has more than 700 million active users worldwide. By the number of app downloads, India was Telegram’s largest market. Indian users installed the messaging software over 70 million times between January and August 2022. With nearly 24 million downloads over the studied period, Russia came in second, ahead of the 20 million installations made by Americans. Among the nations of Latin America, Brazil had the most downloads. The two biggest markets in Western Europe were France and Germany. All according to a recent study done by Statista Research Department. On both Google Play and the App Store, the app consistently ranks among the most popular communication apps in terms of downloads. Given all these growth statistics, is a must for businesses and organisations wishing to efficiently manage and interact with their Telegram audience in 2023. – a must-have in 2023 is especially made to assist companies and organisations in centrally managing their Telegram communities. You can easily plan and schedule posts with, run targeted campaigns for your audience, make targeted campaigns for your community members, and manage your Telegram channels and groups with improved channel management. 

But is more than just a straightforward marketing tool; it’s a whole package created with your entire business in mind. With the help of our platform, you’ll be able to spend less time on tedious manual labor and more time developing meaningful connections with your audience. And provides programs for businesses of all sizes, from one-person startups to large worldwide teams, so there’s something for everyone.

But why should you favour Telegram as your platform of choice?

As was already said, one of the primary factors driving people to utilise Telegram is its emphasis on security and privacy. You can be certain that your calls and texts are secure and that only the intended recipient will be able to access them thanks to end-to-end encryption. It’s a great option for businesses and organisations wishing to stay connected and communicate securely because it has a range of features that make it simple to chat with big groups, exchange files and media, and create bespoke communities.

At, we are firm believers in the ability of vibrant communities to fuel the development of any company or institution. We are committed to developing solutions that enable community managers and administrators to encourage participation, improve communication, and develop deep connections within their communities. has the resources and experience to support your success, whether you’re new to Telegram or an advanced user searching for fresh ways to engage your audience. We can’t wait to introduce even more amazing features as the year progresses.